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Timeless Watches Interviews Mia Relógio

Timeless Watches Interviews Mia Relógio

Mia Relógio created her blog six years ago, and that is where she shares her inspirations, her daily outfits and what goes on in her mind, using platforms such as instagram and facebook to spread her contents. Mia is one of the most well-known Portuguese bloggers perhaps because of her impeccable image. She is one of those people who seem to be able to turn everything they wear into gold. In addition, she knows how to use top brands with great sensitivity and elegance, without going out with logos printed everywhere. However, it seems to us that what stands out even more is the genuine and sincere way in which she writes about her life, about the perils of her day-to-day, her happiness and her heartbreaks. Unlike many other bloggers, Mia does not create a perfect world and with her humility she captivates those on the other side, evoking very real emotions. Mia is an authentic and very interesting person and Timeless Watches was pleased to get to know her a little better and could not help but to share this experience here.

Nowadays, fashion brands launch new products in a weekly basis (fast-fashion). Is it important to you to choose products that you know will last longer than trends?

I think it is always crucial to bet on good basic garments. And as I got older, I became much more conscious when it came to buying. Obviously sometimes my heart speaks louder, but now, before buying, I consider the ways I will wear something and when will I get to wear it. Nowadays we get easily tired of material things. Although I’m not crazy about all fashion trends I like some of them. I remember that I’ve always liked floral patterns, which I still use both in summer and winter.

What makes a piece of clothing or an accessory timeless for you?

The passion we nurture for it, whether it’s an accessory or a piece of clothing. I’m very "clingy" to my things, if I like them a lot I will always want to use them. Seriously. A good purse, a pair of shoes or a trench coat are pieces that I’m sure I’ll wear throughout my whole life.

What piece of clothing or accessory have you been wearing the longest?

As for accessories, I would say corrective glasses! I wear them since first grade. I also started wearing watches very early, I think that my last name had to do with it (Relógio in Portuguese means watch). Hahaha! :)

Every post on Mia's blog comes with fabulous photos of her outfits. In this one she's wearing the watch Gaia Pink.

What is the best fashion advice you can give to your followers?

You must feel comfortable in your own skin. More than dressing in trendy outfits, what matters the most is feeling good, comfortable and pretty.

In your opinion, how can one create a unique style, an identity, a way of dressing?

I believe it has to come from our own sense of aesthetics, of our elegance, it is something that comes from within. Seriously, elegance is so much more than dressing fashionably. It's knowing how to be, how to talk, how to approach people. Be authentic, that’s what I always say. We can all have inspirations but what distinguishes us is our ability to choose something that suits us and that our friends will never wear exactly the same way. I never liked blatant copycats! :)

How do you characterize your style?

For a long time and due to my profession, I had to go for a more classic style, though I never liked wearing suits, so I wore a lot of dresses and skirts. Today, thanks to the flexibility of my job, I feel increasingly casual. I often change my heels for sandals or sneakers. I like to feel comfortable and practical but also cute. I keep thinking that I look good in more classic outfits although it always has to have some special detail, one or two trendy elements.

Who was the person that you most enjoyed meeting with (like a famous person, someone that taught you something,…)?

I am not fascinated by celebrities, I swear! The truth is that through the blog, I have met some people whose work I admire a lot (they don’t have to be famous, appear on tv and magazines for me to admire them). An example of a happy encounter was with the interior decorator Maria Barros, who I’ve always admired.

This is an example of one of many photos that Mia shares on her instagram account, Here she photographed her Gaia Pink watch.

Who is your biggest reference in the fashion world (blogger, celebrity, model, designer ...)? Is it still Olivia Palermo?

She is still my biggest reference, but not in a daily way, as she once was.  I remember, at the beginning of the blog, that I was always keeping up with her outfits and the way she presented herself. Nowadays, I follow several people on social networks, Instagram is one of the greatest sources of inspiration at this moment for me.

What motivated you to create a blog?

I created it one day when I was in the office. A great friend of mine was always telling me that my facebook page was full of cool ideas, and that I should create a page on the internet where everybody would be able to see what I shared, I’ve always liked to share beautiful things, whether it was my thoughts or fashion related content.

What keeps you motivated after 6 years of blogging?

The fact that I remain the same person and I’m still coherent, in my writing and in what I share. What I write is what I feel. But I confess that sometimes I have wanted to put an end to it. Last year was very hard for me, my father got sick and unfortunately passed away and during all that time it was very tough for me, really, to feed the blog and my social networks.

On the other hand, it hasn’t always been easy to reconcile my job with the blog. What started as an escape, is also my job, nowadays, to feed a blog is not as easy as most people assume, and I like to face it with proper responsibility.

How is your life as a blogger? Do you have to reconcile writing and photography with a normal full-time job? Did you put on hold your law career?

It was like that for several years, at the moment I am trying to focus only on the blog. It takes discipline and rigor, whether for photography or writing, it takes much more than inspiration. But I really believe that when you like what you do, everything is possible.

One of Mia's instagram photos, with her watch Gaia Rosa.

In what ways can blogs change the fashion world?

It’s not easy to answer this question, I think that, mostly, blogs have come to help create a closer proximity between brands and their target. Nowadays a blog is an excellent platform to show a brand and its products.

What is your biggest dream?

This sounds basic and it’s as simple as it is, but happiness is what I really need in my life so that I can feel in peace again.

Tell us something your readers/followers don’t know about you.

I don’t know if this is such a big secret, but the truth is that on sad or very difficult days, it is often my followers who bring some warmth and affection to my heart. I will always say that the best thing about having a blog is the people that keep crossing my path and I will always be very grateful for it.

What is the best attribute of Portuguese brands?

Their quality. It is amazing how these days “our” brands have so much quality!


What is your favourite timepiece from Timeless Watches and which would you pick as a gift for your best friend?

Nix Mustard would make any of my friends happy, as it would also make me! Hahaha!

Nix Mustard