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Timeless Watches Interviews Mara Oliveira

Timeless Watches Interviews Mara Oliveira

As our fifth guest on 'Timeless Watches Interviews', we have Mara Oliveira, from the blog So Sweet ... So Pink….Mara chose to follow a path that until recently was almost exclusive for men. We asked her some questions about it and how she can reconcile this side of her life with her blog, which is as feminine as her nature. Always positive, resilient and practical, Mara always brings her camera with her and asks whoever‘s around her to take photos of her outfits. Not only is she the personification of 'the girl next door', with an exotic and very natural beauty, but she also lives up to the first part of the title of her blog - 'So sweet' - for she is very sweet and delicate. Having these antagonistic worlds inside her, this fashion blogger shows us that it is possible to be a woman in the purest sense of the word in any circumstance.

Nowadays, fashion brands launch new products in a weekly basis (fast-fashion). Is it important to you to choose products that you know will last longer than trends?

Absolutely, I find it very important to have timeless garments with good quality that can adapt to various situations. However, as I have a blog, it is obvious that I am aware of new product launches and I always end up buying more trendy things which I know that won't last that long in my wardrobe.

What makes a piece of clothing or an accessory timeless for you?

As I see it it should be minimal, with a classic cut, of good quality and in a neutral tone. This way you have a very versatile piece that's easy to mix and match in various ways.

What piece of clothing or accessory have you been wearing the longest?

Hum... Maybe a white fluid shirt that I've had for several years!

One of the last looks Mara published on her blog; wearing a romantic look with our watch Gaia Pink.

What is the best fashion advice you can give to your followers?

Confidence. We can be wearing the most beautiful dress in the world but if we don't wear it with confidence it won't feel right. To be confident it is essential that we like what we're wearing.

In your opinion, how can one create a unique style, an identity, a way of dressing?

It's a bit the same as the previous answer, it is essential that we like what we're wearing. We just have to choose clothes that we feel comfortable with and that match with our personality.


How do you characterize your style?

That's a difficult question, I think that I don't have a particular style... But I find myself very feminine and I always end up combining trends in a romantic way.


Who is your biggest reference in the fashion world (blogger, celebrity, model, designer...)?

I don't follow anybody religiously, nonetheless Camila Coelho was the first blogger I started to follow and I still do nowadays. I love her style!


What motivated you to create your blog and what makes you want to keep going?

I've always liked photography so in the beginning my blog was my way of sharing my photos and it coincided with the time I bought my first reflex camera. Apart from that it was the perfect way to escape my routine, I was mostly surrounded by men at university and I felt the urge to have a space to talk about feminine issues.

What keeps me going is the feeling that I can inspire some people as well as the fact that it opens me doors that will let me reconcile my professional degree with a field that I like so much, and that’s something that I’ve never thought was possible.

A photograph of Gaia Pink, from Mara's instagram account.


You are currently enrolled on a master’s degree. How do you reconcile the time you spend on your blog with the rest of your student life? Do you have any other job besides that?

It is very difficult to reconcile everything, it is obvious that some things are left behind and sometimes it has a negative effect on my studies, but on another perspective I think the blog made me discover many qualities that I didn’t even know I had. So I think in the long run it’ll be very gratifying, either in my  future life as an engineer or as a blogger! ahah

The trick is to always have my camera with me, wherever I go, and use all the free time I get to shoot, which is sometimes very annoying for the people around me... I'm used to being the ’boring girl with a camera’, but fortunately my mother and my boyfriend support me a lot in that matter!

At the moment I don’t have another work, I'm finishing  my master’s degree and investing in my blog, we'll see what next year holds for me...


Is your Master's Degree also in Electrical Engineering?

Yes, I am doing a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, in the area of Electronics, Energies and Digital Systems.


The world of science and technology is still very much dominated by men. What message would you like to give to girls and women who like these areas, but do not want to give up, like you, their femininity?

Fortunately mentalities have been changing a lot in the last few years and I’ve been to several workshops and lectures about this topic. There are more and more women with successful careers in the world of technology, but it is true that the domination of men in these areas is still very noticeable. I think the essential thing is to be true to ourselves and ignore the looks of disapproval. We are not less intelligent or less competent because we like clothes and makeup, if someone wants to convince you about that, you just have to prove them wrong.


In what ways can blogs change the fashion world?

Any ‘anonymous’ person with a perfectly normal life, like me, can create a fashion blog. People started to get inspired by others that they can relate to, which makes everything more real, accessible, and usable. In addition, blogs have also changed the way brands communicate with their audience.

Mara with her camera, wearing Gaia Pink, in one of the many photos that can be found on her instagram account.


What is your biggest dream at this moment?

In the last two years it has been very difficult to reconcile the blog with my degree, so undoubtedly finishing my master’s degree is on top of the list! (laughs) I would also really enjoy taking a trip through Europe’s main capital cities.


Tell us something your readers/followers don’t know about you.

I honestly think that there's nothing I haven’t shared...

Maybe that despite the name of my blog 'So Sweet ... So Pink ...', pink is not my favorite color! (laughs)


What is the best attribute of Portuguese brands?

I think that good quality is the most distinctive aspect of Portuguese brands.

What is your favourite timepiece from Timeless Watches and which would you pick as a gift for your best friend?

My favourite Timeless watch is Gaia Pink, I already have one in my collection and I love it!!!  But as a gift to my best friend I would choose a different one - Hemera White - which I also like a lot. It’s a classic watch that matches perfectly with everything!


Hemera White