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Timeless Watches Interviews Double Trouble

Timeless Watches Interviews Double Trouble

Double Trouble is an increasingly popular name in the world of Portuguese blogs. For those who still don’t know it, this is the blooming project of two friends - Eduarda and Mariana - who have taken the initiative to create a fashion and lifestyle blog, where they complement wonderful and professional level photos with fantastic texts. In this blog you can find Mariana’s looks, beauty and fashion tips, stories about their travels (always accompanied by covetable photos), restaurant and hotel reviews among other topics. One of the highlights of this blog is their preference for what is created in lusitanian territory; both are very aware of the need for support that Portuguese brands that are taking their first steps have, so they mix and match Portuguese clothes and accessories in very original and sophisticated looks. Take a peek at their blog, facebook and instagram accounts of these girls and we guarantee you’ll get addicted (in a good way)! Follow the interview with the two founders of Double Trouble and find out more about this project!

Have you been friends for a long time? How has been working in partnership?

E - No, we are actually new friends. Our boyfriends are childhood friends and we met because of that, three years ago. Working in partnership makes our daily lives much easier, if we have to attend to various events on the same day we just have to part and go by ourselves. It’s great!

M - We’ve been friends for about 3 years now, working together has been great, we share all work and all our worries with each other. ;)

Who is responsible for what on the blog?

E - It’s easy and even intuitive. I manage all the content for the blog and Facebook page and the contact with brands. Mariana is responsible for the image and she manages our instagram account. When it comes to direct messages we answer them alternately, according to our availability.

How do you manage your work on the blog with the other parts of your lives? Do you have to pair it with a full-time job?

E - Yeah, we both work full time. It’s not always easy, but with good personal time management we can always make it. As a rule, we concentrate the heavier work on weekends so that our weekdays can be a bit lighter with blog work. As we have been doing this for a year and a half now we are already quite trained in time management, one day we can even think of giving training in this field. ;)

M - Yes, I’m a nurse and sometimes it’s complicated to find time to do everything, but until now it’s been working well, maybe it helps being two of us instead of only one.

Mariana is wearing Portuguese design shoes along with her Gaia Pink watch.

What is your favorite kind of post?

E - We like several themes, but for me the one that gives me more pleasure to write about is our travels, no doubt about it.

M - Our travels and also fashion trends.

How do you face your blog’s growth?

E - We are very proud of our baby (as we call it!) and with a higher sense of responsibility. Our blog was created a year and a half ago. We never dreamed that we would come this far and we didn’t had high expectations in the beginning. We went with the flow, always with a lot of dedication and hard work. Maybe because of that it started to grow quickly. We don’t really know! One thing’s for sure, we are loving this trip through the blogosphere, everyday is fresh and new to us.

M - For me it was a surprise the growth that we had during the last year and a half, actually with work and dedication everything works better and if you add some luck to the mix the result is extreme happiness to see our “baby” grow healthy.

Nowadays, fashion brands release new collections in a weekly basis (mainly the cheaper international brands). Is it important for you to buy clothes that you know will last longer than trends?

E - Not really. We value portuguese brands a lot and we know that we can expect good quality from them. That’s essential for us, to work with portuguese brands, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not attentive to what’s going on, fashion wise, in the rest of the world.

M - Of course that timeless clothing is always relevant, but when I buy timeless thing I like them to have good quality and you can’t find this characteristic easily on those shop’s products. In cheaper stores I usually buy trendier stuff.

Eduarda stars in one of the that can be found on Double Trouble blog,

What makes a piece of clothing or an accessory timeless for you?

E - It must be classic. That’s why there’s a saying: "classics never go out of style".

M - Quality and simplicity.

What piece of clothing or accessory have you been wearing the longest?

E - A short jacket in light denim, that matches with almost everything. I’ve had it for many years and I can’t get enough of it!

M - Leather jackets.

What is the best fashion advice you can give to your followers?

E - Don’t wear trendy stuff just because it’s fashionable. You have to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. I, for example, as I’m shorter than Mariana, never wear things that I know from the start that won’t look good on me.

M - Follow Double Trouble and you’ll see there’s no lack of suggestions for everyone! :P

You are very different from each other in various levels. How would you characterize your style?

E - I like basic, simple looks with no excess. I love garments with discreet details.

M - As I’m very versatile and eclectic, I would say that my style is variable: traditional or classic, contemporary or elegant, natural or creatively basical, romantic, sexy, modern or dramatic, all of them and more!!!

Mariana is wearing her Gaia Pink in a romantic look.

Who was the person that you most enjoyed meeting with?

E - I loved it when we got invited by LPM Comunicação to a very important gastronomic event. Why? Because this agency was my role model when I was studying. I don’t think I can identify  a specific person that I enjoyed meeting with, but I really like to meet the bloggers I was following before we created Double Trouble. Now it’s easy to be with them and know the routines. :)

M - Eduarda, because I’m in this project thanks to her and it became something I love and can’t live without.

What do you see in Double Trouble’s future?

E - I would like to say that I can see myself working exclusively on the blog but we never raise our hopes. I think we like to be surprised in our day-to-day life.

M - The sky’s the limit. ;)

In what ways can blogs change the fashion world?

E - I think that blogs have the power of bringing fashion to people, with inspiration looks and good brands that are not so famous. In fact, there are so many brands that have great quality products, are not expensive and can’t reach the public. Blogs have the role to build the bridge between brands and people, as I see it, we are ambassadors, channels of communication.

M - In my opinion, blogs bring fashion closer to real people, heavier people, shorter people, etc. At this moment we make photoshoots for magazines and catalogs, despite the fact that we're not professional models… We create a more real and genuine world.

Mariana in a monochromatic look, topping it off with Gaia Pink. You can find more looks on their instagram account.

What is your biggest dream?

E - To live solely from the blog. :D

M - To be happy... I know the answer is cliché but this has always been my life’s goal.

Tell us something your readers/followers don’t know about you.

E - We are like an open book. I can’t think of anything to reveal right now. Our followers even know that Mariana is getting married in September. ;)

M - My age… I’m 28 years old!

What is the best attribute of Portuguese brands?

E - Quality, no doubt about it, but also the design. Portuguese brands are betting more and more on good design! We are huge fans of national projects.

M - They’re edgy, committed and dedicated. They have to be like that because making a name for yourself is not easy in such a small country like ours!

What is your favorite timepiece from Timeless Watches and which would you pick as a gift for your best friend?

E - Apart from mine (Nix Black) which I love, I would pick Gaia Red as a gift for my best friend because it’s really feminine and also because it represents Mother Earth!

M - For me and as a gift I would pick the one I already have: Gaia Pink!

Flat lay photo from Double Trouble's instagram featuring our model Nix Black, Eduarda's favourite.