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Timeless Watches Interviews Ana Gomes

Timeless Watches Interviews Ana Gomes

For many, Ana Gomes is better known as A Melhor Amiga da Barbie (Barbie’s Best Friend). With a career as impressive as it is peculiar, Ana has a degree in theater (as producer), having worked at Maria Matos Theater for three years. She’s a copywriter, has a postgraduate degree in image consulting and another in trends communication, as well as training in fashion journalism, writing non-fiction and writing texts for new markets. She has worked in major portuguese publications and in one of Portugal’s most famous radio stations. It is, however, on her blog that she gets more and more focused on, publishing content about what goes on in her mind, whether with funny or motivational phrases, whether to tell the adventures of her day-to-day life or to talk about a new makeup or fashion product or a decor trend. Ana covers every aspect of a woman's everyday life. In addition to well-written and humorous texts (even when dealing with more serious subjects), what is more alluring is probably her relaxed and genuine manners, her spontaneity and the good vibes she conveys. In addition to all this, Ana has recently given birth to a baby girl and she doesn’t leave the most confusing and frustrating issues about motherhood aside, talking about them with total openness and with no reservations, promoting dialogue about not only the best things in having a child as well as all the mishaps that come from motherhood. Get to know her a little better on the interview below.

Nowadays, fashion brands launch new products in a weekly basis (fast-fashion). Is it important to you to choose products that you know will last longer than trends?

I try to always have good basics but of course I can’t resist some of the trendier stuff! You need a huge self control to keep yourself from buying stuff everyday when you work with fashion.

What makes a piece of clothing or an accessory timeless for you?

Personally, I think that what makes a piece of clothing timeless is the feeling that you get from it. If we feel beautiful, confident and comfortable with a garment, it will become timeless for sure. But in a more general way, a garment with a classical cut and/or of good quality, with basic lines will always be timeless.

What piece of clothing or accessory have you been wearing the longest?

I never change my nose ring. I wear watches since I was little but I’m always switching them.

One of many photos that can be found on Ana's instagram account, this one has our Hemera Pink.

What is the best fashion advice you can give to your followers?

Choose garments that make you feel wonderful in your own skin.

You’re an extremely dynamic person and you’ve worked in various fields. What jobs did you dedicate your time to, while you were pregnant?

I’ve been very devoted to my blog! A lot less than I would like, since I gave birth, but before that I dedicated myself to build good relationships in order to keep this project fresh and alive!

Do you think that the will to get involved in different projects and to learn a bit of everything is a reflection of your generation? Or is it the result of your own education and personality?

I believe it’s a bit of both! It’s difficult for me to dedicate myself or wanting to know more about only one thing. I need to keep learning and seek for stimulation in diversified areas.

Photo from Ana's instagram account, where she's using her Hemera Pink watch.

Of all the jobs you had, which is/was your favourite?

That’s a difficult one. My first ‘real’ job was as producer at Maria Matos Theater. I still miss my team and I loved that job. It was a tough decision… Some days I dream that I still work there. But then I wake up and realize that in a realistic way I know that it is EXTREMELY difficult for me to put into practice a work routine.

You still keep posting frequently on social networks, since you had your daughter. How do you manage your time now? Do you keep doing something, work related, besides the blog?

Right now I'm very focused on the blog. I accepted a consulting challenge but it is still ongoing. Feeding social networks turns out to be easy in the sense that the "posts" are done quickly and in the moment. Writing longer content on the blog is the real challenge... So there are many days that are blank pages ahead of me.

Who was the person that you most enjoyed meeting with?

I love my parents so much that I’ve always wanted to be a mother so that somebody could have the same privilege I had, of having them as educators and as a reflection of what I believe to be exceptional people.

Ana and her baby girl (photo from her blog).

Who is your biggest reference in the fashion world?

I don’t have a reference… I’m very eclectic and I’m always changing my influences.

In what ways can blogs change the fashion world?

I don’t believe that blogs can change the world! (laughs) But they can help readers feel more comfortable on their skin by breaking the stereotype of the "perfect person" that many magazines nurture.

Tell us something your readers/followers don’t know about you.

I am a super penny-pincher!! (laughs) Or rather, I am very organized with my finances. I think a lot before I buy something... No one would guess, right?


What is the best attribute of Portuguese brands?

Quality! Products made in Portugal always have amazing quality.

What is your favorite timepiece from Timeless Watches and which would you pick as a gift for your best friend?

Nix Mustard, I find it very beautiful and versatile.

Nix Mustard