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Our Story

Our Story

Passionate about fashion, especially watches and jewelery, our founders Regina Santana and Paulo Faustino, had at the beginning of 2016 the idea of ​​developing a watch brand that could break the paradigm that Luxury is not accessible. With this great idea in mind and with a team of highly specialized professionals they created the brand TIMELESS WATCHES, the first portuguese brand of affordable luxury watches, with a classic and timeless design and also an unusual elegance. Inspired by classic and timeless minimalist watches they have created a distinct brand with a simple yet elegant design, with a unique interchangeable straps system that allows anyone, regardless of their style, mood or desire to adapt their TIMELESS watch to every occasion, keeping the quality and reliability of the TIMELESS engineering. Using top quality materials on our cases such as 316L stainless steel, swiss movement 763 (ronda), sapphire dome and only 7.5mm of thickness, TIMELESS enters the market as a brand capable of making luxury accessible to anyone. That's precisely what makes TIMELESS WATCHES such a special brand.


The Design

The development of the entire design process of TIMELESS WATCHES took several months, after several tests and different combinations of materials, to give life to a collection that mixes classic and contemporary design with the timelessness of each one of our pieces.

TIMELESS WATCHES were designed with the aim of being affordable luxury pieces, perfect for all our customers, regardless of their style, mood or desire. Whether for a business meeting, a walk on the beach or a tennis match, a TIMELESS watch adapts to all of these moments with an unusual elegance. All of our watches are handmade to guarantee superior quality and reliability. Their removable leather bracelets are carefully selected to guarantee the quality and requirement proposed by the brand and to provide a unique comfort and a simple adaptation to the wrist of each one of our clients. 

The materials used also guarantee greater durability and resistance to different moments of your life, making each and every one of our watches unique timeless pieces, perfect for anyone!